Welcome to Community Spirit Photography.

I love going and photographing events like parkrun etc and in the 'Spirit' of those events I have created this website, a selection of my photographs on this site are available to download for 'Personal' 'non commercial' use.

If you download a photograph and would like to make a donation, I have a local charity I support, Green Lane Special Needs Nursery in Shirley, Solihull; a charity that brings much needed care and stimulation to pre-school children with special needs, and much needed respite for their parents and carers.  I have ran the Birmingham Half Marathon to help raise money for them.  If you would like to know more about this amazing nursery or can help them in any way, please visit their website www.scsna.org.uk

My Just Giving site is www.justgiving.com/isabelarthurcsp donations go directly to Green Lane Nursery.  Thank you  x❤️x


You may be wondering what the photo of me 'singing on the radio!!' is all about, well, I have a 'go for it' outlook on life and I had always wanted to learn how to be able to sing 'Proper' so embarked on having singing lessons at Dorridge Music School with a great (and very patient!!) singing teacher, Fay Bromley.  As the singing exam loomed and I failed 3 mock exams miserably, I was in despair trying to remember the lyrics to my songs and struggling with the theory (arpeggios, scales & major from minor) but I practised, practised and practised and with some 'sound' advice given to me by a ten year old, "remember to breathe", I walked into the exam room, took a deep breathe!! and went for it.  I was amazed and delighted  when I received my result, which was Distinction with 92%.  Now I am not letting the fact that I feel I can now put letters after my name GR1D (Grade 1 Distinction) go to my head but merchandise is available, certificates (framed), cufflinks etc. So if there is something that you have always wanted to do 'You are never too old to try something new'.


I hope you enjoy the videos and photographs on this website.

Isabel Arthur (GR1D)! x