Half Marathon - Before & After

With my Knowle & Dorridge Running buddies - 'Before Photo' So joyous travelling to go and run a half marathon & 'After Photo' the return journey. Best not to show you the 'Next Day Photo' 😂
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Brueton parkrun New Year's Day

A very cold ❄️, very wet ☔️ and windy 💨 New Year's day wasn't going to deter the runners 🏃‍♀️🏃from turning up for Brueton parkrun. Not only did they run in awful conditions but many rushed off to do a second parkrun at a different location 'The New Year parkrun Double 💪🏻'. You can see from my latest Photo Video, the awful running conditions....
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Phew!! Only just in made it

In a moment of madness 😜 I set myself a difficult target 🎯 on New Year's day 2016 to try and get 2 Brueton parkrun PBs 💪 before the year was out, mad because it had taken me over 4 years 😩 to get my last PB!, training started off well 😀 then disaster, hamstring problems 😱!! After recovering from the hamstring problems I started to get my fitn...
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Coz It's Christmas - a Brueton parkrun Christmas

Brueton parkrun was full of festive spirit as presents, elves, santas etc gathered to take part in Brueton parkrun;s Christmas Eve fancy dress run.
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Remembrance Sunday Solihull

When you go home, tell them of us and say. For your tomorrow, we gave our today. Poem by John Maxwell Edmunds
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